Telephysio Research

There is a large body of research which confirms validity and effectiveness of telerehab/ tele-physiotherapy. In these research, no material differences was found in clinical outcomes  (between telerehab and face to face) for diverse conditions – rehabilitation post total knee replacement, stroke, multiple sclerosis, low back pain,  cardiac rehab and others.

In USA, real-time telerehab is insurance reimbursable by certain payers.

Telehealth system: A randomized controlled trial evaluating the impact of an internet-based exercise intervention on quality of life, pain, muscle strength, and fatigue in breast cancer survivors.

Visit Link Published On 22nd June, 2016 (For Cancer Patients)

American Physical Therapy Association. Position Statement: Telehealth

It is the position of the American Physical Therapy Association that telehealth is an appropriate model of service delivery for the profession of physical therapy when provided in a manner consistent with Association position, standards, guidelines, policies, procedures, Standards of Practice for Physical Therapy, ethical principles and standards, and the Guide to Physical Therapist Practice.Telehealth may be used to overcome barriers of access to services caused by distance, unavailability of specialists and/or subspecialists, and impaired mobility. Telehealth offers the potential to extend physical therapy services to remote, rural, underserved, and culturally and linguistically diverse populations.

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