e-Physio for Corporate Wellness
e-Physio is a unique and path breaking product which directly addresses number 1 health complaint of corporate professionals, which is back and neck pain.
e-Physio is an effective tool for organizations and individuals to be pain free and fit for work.
Less pain is more productivity
Back, neck and muscle pain accounted for more absence than any other ailment in UK and Musculoskeletal Diseases are the biggest single cause of lost workdays in the United States. Implementing e-Physio will help your employees toward optimal health and performance.
e-Physio benefits most employees
e-Physio is a health technology tool which has meaningful value for all of your team. As per various studies, about 50% of employees complain of just back pain in a year. e-Physio covers various pain points and with additional ergonomics & posture advice, e-Physio would be of immediate benefit to all corporate professionals.
e-Physio is simple to implement
e-Physio is a cloud based service and can be easily implemented in any organization, across geographies and time zones in a short period of time. For professionals, it is a hassle free, intuitive user interface which makes it easy to consult and solve their pain points.
Smart corporate
e-Physio provides value for money and the plans can be customized based on your corporate requirements. e-Physio generates higher return on investment as it relevant to most employees, leads to measurable health outcomes and decreases risk factors.
Peace of mind
Less pain is equal
to more gain
& awareness
& engaging
Clinical services from a clinical organisation, rest assured you are in good hands.
ReLiva physiotherapy and rehab is physio therapy specialist, with 9 clinical locations in Mumbai.
Quick and convenient access to quality physiotherapy advice, coupled with education and empowerment of patients towards self management, makes e-Physio a compelling choice for tech-savvy individuals and organisations.
Speedy access to physiotherapy for people with MSDs is clinically and cost effective for the health service, for employers and society. Focus on self-management & education, physiotherapy provides a sustainable solution for employee health.
Fast Access
  • Access appropriate advice from ReLiva experts quickly, on click of a button.
  • With the help of e-Physio, you can reach out for clinical advice quickly, without waiting for your pain to become unbearable and acute.
  • Early advise means quicker recovery and faster control and reversal of any deterioration.
  • E-Physio is the most convenient means to benefit from the physiotherapy treatment by ReLiva experts.
  • All you need is internet and a smart device. You save time and money, and manage your recovery at your convenience, even while traveling.
  • No more taking time off from office, managing traffic and parking for your treatment. E-Physio helps you in treating your pain at your convenience
Clinician Relationship
  • At ReLiva, we believe in patient – doctor relationship and have designed E-Physio accordingly.
  • We ensure that you have one-to-one relationship with the clinician through out your treatment period.
  • Not only that, we also provide a continuous access to the same clinician through a secure messaging service.
Cost Effective
  • Treatment on E-Physio is more than 50% cheaper than receiving the same treatment at ReLiva clinics.
  • We bring down our costs by using technology and saving on clinic space and we pass on the savings to you.
  • Given the cost savings, convenience and quick access, once you have used E-Physio, it will become your choice of treatment
Clinically Proven
  • Tele-physiotherapy, has been tested through multiple randomised clinical trials across the world and the studies overwhelmingly support tele-physiotherapy as means of treatment.
  • Various outcome measures for cases as diverse as Total Knee Arthroplasty (knee replacement), Onco and Cardiac rehab, Osteo-arthritis have shown tele-physio to be as effective as face to face in-clinic treatment.
  • A compilation of the clinical research is available here
Quality Treatment
  • Rest assured as only ReLiva clinicians can treat you on E-Physio. The clinicians treating you on E-Physio are trained and licensed physiotherapists, with experience at ReLiva clinics.
  • All treatments are supervised by a senior clinical panel and are subject to strict protocols.
  • We would be the first to inform you, if your condition is not suitable for treatment on E-Physio and if you need to visit any specialist in person
  • On E-Physio, you have access to your treatment records and progress.
  • You can not only review your consultation report, treatment plan, but also record and measure the progress of your recovery as the treatment progresses.
  • This brings forth absolute transparency in your treatment and provides you the control of your recovery.
Sustainable Results
  • ReLiva believes in educating and empowering the patients so that they are in control of their recovery.
  • With E-Physio, we take it a notch higher and work towards ensuring that the recovery and results are sustainable.
  • We believe in “Exercise as Medicine” teach you so that you do not hurt yourself again.
Due to the hectic schedule & extensive touring job, I was unable to visit any doctor & keep regular follow-ups for the knee joint pain which was troubling me for quite some time. I got immensely benefited after availing online assistance from reliva.physio where I was able to get consultation from trained doctor at the comforts of sitting at home & according to my favourable timings. Moreover, I could continue taking regular advice from doctor even during my touring. After two months of regular exercise & follow-ups, the pain has now substantially reduced. This wouldn't have been possible if I had to regularly visit any doctor's clinic. Thanks ReLiva for extending this services & keep it up
Mr. Subrata
Senior Sales Professional
ReLiva helped me in multiple ways. I was suffering from severe backache for multiple years (due to a sitting job) but all my MRI and X Ray reports were normal. ReLiva doctors helped me identify the root cause - myofascial pain syndrome (muscle related ache) - which was treatable with exercise and massage at the right trigger points. The exercise was administered through the online portal. I was able to comfortably follow new exercises taught by the doctors on video call. The calls always took place on time and I was able to schedule them around my schedule. Overall great diagnosis, treatment, and flexibility in schedule. I am extremely thankful to the doctors who were very knowledgable and experienced, and at the same time very patient with me. I would highly recommend reliva.physio!
Mohit Ahuja
Being a mother of two kids & a working woman becomes very demanding & we tend to overlook our own well being. I had a deep cut in my middle finger for which I took first aid at home without visiting any doctor. The wound healed up but afterwards I was unable to move my finger comfortably. Then I got online assistance of Dr. Anuradha from ReLiva. She demonstrated various exercises to me on Skype video interaction. It was very convenient for me to follow the exercise & practice it at home regularly without having any hassle of taking appointment & visiting any doctor regularly. It also saved my precious time & energy. Now my affected finger is totally cured. Thanks to reliva.physio
Ms Debanjali Paul
About Us
e-Physio is an initiative of ReLiva physiotherapy and rehab Drawing from the global scientific research on tele-physio, ReLiva has developed e-Physio to make the quality treatment more easily accessible and convenient for the busy corporate professionals. Our practicing clinicians are trained in using the online process to provide a level of care equivalent to visiting our clinics. Our leadership combines an experienced and knowledgeable clinical team with technical and management talent, which works tirelessly to see you recover and get back to life.
Subodh Gupta, Founder
Subodh is an engineer (IIT-K) and a management professional (IIM-L). He has worked with various investment banks, leading mandates for mergers & acquisitions across sectors for over 15 years. After playing pivotal role in founding teams for investment banking set-ups in India, he set-up ReLiva with a vision of making world-class Physiotherapy more easily available in India. ReLiva has already grown to be a leading chain of Physiotherapy clinics.
Dr. Jayashree Ramesh, MBBS, MD (PMR)
Dr. Jayashree Ramesh is a senior Physiatrist – a clinician and an academician with an experience of close to 30 years. Her last assignment was as Assistant Professor at All India Institute of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She plays a key role in developing the conceptual framework for e-Physio, treatment protocols and testing. She continues to drive how e-Physio can be used to provide effective tele-rehab for the larger population.
Dr. Anuradha Mandlekar, BpTh, MPT
Dr Anuradha Mandlekar (PT) is the clinical head of ReLiva Physiotherapy. She handles responsibility for treatment and recovery of patients across all clinics of ReLiva and through e-Physio. She has extensive knowledge and experience in Cardio Thoracic rehabilitation. She is a Certified Child Birth Educator (USA) and an expert with Stott Pilates and Kinesiotaping. She is also certified in Mulligan's concept, McKenzie technique and Manual Therapy.
Dr. Swapnaja Joshi, BPTh, MPT
Dr. Swapnaja Joshi (PT) heads the clinical treatment delivery through e-Physio. She has a vast knowledge and experience in treating patients with musculoskeletal and neurological disorders (pediatrics, adults and geriatrics). She has special interest in knee related disorders.
Mission Statement
Increasing musculoskeletal diseases amongst corporate employees is a massive, growing problem. Unavailability of time and lack of convenient access to physiotherapy treatment compounds the problem for busy professionals. More than half of the professionals suffering with pain go without treatment. ReLiva has built e-Physio to help address this problem and to provide the care that our professionals needz