What is it and How it works?

ReLiva Physiotherapy is driven by making quality physiotherapy accessible, convenient and more accountable for our patients, especially those who are too busy or far from a good physiotherapist. E-Physio is a unique and path breaking product which makes it possible for you to receive clinic like care from anywhere.

When you sign up for a treatment with E-Physio, not only you get advice and treatment from qualified and credentialed physiotherapists, you also benefit from a world class software which provides you quality health reporting, treatment planning, feedback & monitoring in a dashboard which puts you in control of your recovery.

Our software is specifically designed t ensure that you benefit most from the advice and treatment offered by our clinicians. Right from collecting & assessing the information about your condition, to prescribing a treatment plan, to supervising and monitoring it for the best outcomes. Our process is designed to deliver high quality physiotherapy care in the most convenient way.

E-Physio also assists us towards educating and empowering our patients, thus delivering sustainable solutions.