ReLiva’s mission is to provide access to high quality physiotherapy treatment in a convenient and effective way. E-Physio combines technology and our clinical expertise, and brings down the treatment costs substantially. Physiotherapy treatment through E-Physio is over 50% cheaper than taking an in-clinic treatment.

Group plans for corporate employees are designed specific to the corporate requirements and respective wellness objectives and are priced accordingly.

Fee structure for treatment of an individual is as following:

Consultation Fees: INR 400 (USD $25)

Consultation is through one or more video or telephone call for upto 40 minutes in total. Objective of the consultation is to assess the patient’s condition and provide preliminary advice.

Based on the consultation, doctor shall prescribe appropriate treatment plan for the patient:


Treatment Plan for 15 Days

INR 2000 (USD $200)

See a representational plan here

Treatment Plan for 30 Days

INR 3500 (USD $350)

See a representational plan here

Customized Plan

Depends on the specific requirements of the client and the case

For Group Corporate Plans, please reach out to us at