Sprains & Spasms

Treatment for Sprains and Spasms

Strains and Spasms

However careful we are, we are always going to injure ourselves at some point in our lives. We can slip and fall over a puddle of water, or even twist our ankle when we play sports. Muscle spasms and strains can occur as a result of these injuries, although they can also occur when we overstress the muscles, or even in a variety of clinical conditions.

When we perform any form of activity, our muscles contract and relax, allowing for movement and speed. The muscles are only used to a particular degree of stress and strain, and anything that is over and above it can cause tiny tears and injuries to the muscle fibers. This can cause a muscle strain.

Sometimes, the muscles can remain in a contracted state, either due to a sudden burst in muscle activity or an increase in the nerve signals that supply the muscle. This is an involuntary effect called a muscle spasm..

Assessment and Examination

At the time of your video consultation your physiotherapist shall understand your pain history, lifestyle and ask related questions. Close attention to history is critical in planning a treatment program for Strains and Spasms. You may be asked to perform certain movements on video and report the outcomes. After the assessment and examination, the doctor shall prepare a treatment program for you.

In case your condition is severe, we would advise you to visit a physiotherapist or a physician/ orthopedic in person.

Treatment Program

The treatment program for you shall be personalised based on your history, symptoms and examination. The goals of the treatment are reduction of pain, healing and return to function and daily activities. Physiotherapy advice and home based programs can help in faster healing and better management of the condition. In case of recurring Strain/ Spasms another objective would be to strengthen the structures around the affected joint to prevent recurrence.

The treatment program would usually involve rest, hot or cold packs and prescriptive exercises to deliver the desired goals.  You shall receive an online exercise prescription which shall be followed by an online video demonstration by your doctor. Some of your exercise sessions shall be supervised by your doctor to ensure that you have understood the exercises well and are doing them with correct form.

Follow up

Your doctor will continue the follow up with you through emails and video calls to assist you in achieving the goals of the treatment program. You would have regular assessment of your progress and the treatment program shall be revised as required.